About us


Who We Are

A team of dedicated professionals who know how to install your glass on time and on dime. In operation since 2014, we've done enough replacements to equal the population of a large city (which large city? We'll never tell)!

On-site Experts

Why lift a finger? We come to you. Home, work, at the grocery store, wherever. It takes roughly 45 minutes to install the auto glass and sometimes you don't even need to be there! To top it off, our reliability and speed can only be measured in surprised faces and great reviews.

Insurance Gurus

Want to put your replacement through insurance? No problem. We've got the know-how to quickly and efficiently process your claim so you can go back to things that don't involve broken glass.

Same-day Service

We can often come the same day, saving you from the inevitable roasting your friends have coming to you. Rather come to us? Great! We have a waiting room with all the Netflix you'll ever need.

Price Match Guarantee

Trying to save some cash and found a cheaper price elsewhere? We get it. Present a quote from a leading competitor and we'll match it, no questions asked. For full details on the warranty, check out our warranty section.

Solid Warranty

Are you worried about getting swindled? We are your swindle-free auto glass installer. All our replacements come with a lifetime warranty on the installation. That means leaks, whistles, or rattles are a quick solve. Best part: if we have to perform a repair, you get a 5$ gift card to Tim Hortons! It's our way of saying "oops, we messed up".

We were on TV! Click on the video to watch a segment from CBC describing the rise in thefts near the Rideau Canal in 2015 as well as short cameo from the owner!