Under the size of a loonie? Luck is on your side.  Let us know ASAP and we can inject it with resin and stop it in its tracks. There's a 98% chance we can repair it, 2% chance it breaks later or while we're filling it. If ever it does, we refund the cost towards a full replacement, because we're good people. Since we're so tech savvy, you can even text us a picture and we can let you know if we can fix it.


Not Repairable

Uh oh...looks like you need a new windshield. Why can't it just be fixed? When the chip becomes this large, the resin can't follow every crack until the tip and unfortunately won't guarantee that it'll never crack further. Sorry for delivering the bad news; it's just science!




This type of stone chip is not worth repairing. There will be a visible black dot on the windshield but the stone did not crack the glass or create a hollow area between the lamination, therefore there is nowhere to inject resin. These pose very little risk of cracking the window at a later time.

Bull's Eye


This is the easiest type of stone chip to repair. The impact did not cause any cracks but instead caused a hollow area inside the glass. Because there are no major cracks, pressure can be more safely applied during the repair. These are also the easiest stone chips to make disappear, completely disappearing nearly 90% of the time.

Half Bull's Eye


This type of stone chip is fairly easy to repair as there are only surface cracks that have not spread. This type typically disappears 70%-80%, depending on the size.


Star Break


This is a more difficult type of stone chip to repair, as cracks have formed which makes it easier for the glass to crack once pressure is applied. If you get this type of stone chip, it is best to get it repaired right away. These typically fade 60%-70%.



This is the most difficult type of stone chip to repair. The impact not only caused several cracks put also a hollow area inside the glass. These stone chips are typically harder to make disappear and generally fade only 60%-70%.

Pro Tips

Inspect Your Windshield

Remember that time you were following too close to that dumptruck and heard something that sounded like a rock hitting your window? Make sure to properly inspect your windshield for stone chips after. That includes the black area around the windshield.

Avoid Sudden Heat/Cold

Hot + Cold = Broken windshields.  As much as safely possible, avoid putting direct heat on your windshield. Car washes can also be the enemy, so try to avoid direct hot water.

Don't Delay

It can take only a few hours after a rock hitting your windshield for it to break. Don't put it off until it's convenient; your windshield is on it's own schedule and can crack anytime.

Avoid Direct Pressure

Applying pressure to a chipped area will only end in disappointment. Try to take it easy with that snow brush and no feet up against the windshield!

Avoid DYI Solutions

Repair kits from your local hardware store don't work as well as described. Spend the extra and have it properly filled by a professional.

Insurance Coverage?

 Many insurance companies will cover the repair at no cost to you. If you don't know who to call or how it works, let us know and we'll navigate the maze for you.